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Dealing with sustainability is therefore not an ethical question, it is not a moral choice: it is the most natural consequence of the spirit of survival.
We cannot be sustainable if not radically innovating what we do, and we cannot imagine tackling the long and tiring path of innovation except in order to be sustainable.
At a time when changes are as rapid and deep as never before, innovating requires an extraordinary capacity for vision projected into the future, an attitude that is not innate in the human being.

EIIS: the best choice

Choosing EIIS means investing in your future and become a central figure in your society’s evolution and your company’s growth.
Our Institute is made of brilliant minds
 who will inspire you and will stimulate your curiosity transforming you into the main actor of your education.

Certificate Programs
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Discover all our certificate programs, engaging courses specifically designed to allow you to become a leading actor of the next future.
Executive Courses
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Explore our executive courses, intensive programs designed and built specifically for company managers and decision makers.
Business Training
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We design courses for companies interested in deepening the themes of Innovation and Sustainability.
Training has never been so fun.

Learning by doing

While attending one of our courses you are expected to learn by doing,
being rapidly immersed in the business reality working along the major players of the business scene.

Carrying an emotion of amazement with you, every job and research will be truly exciting.

How we do it

We believe in a unique and effective teaching method: the Challenge Based Learning.

Starting from a real existing problem we encourage participants to cooperate and to find, together, a possible solution. You will improve your team working skills, your ability of planning and of analysis.

We trust in wonder and amazement, the powerful emotion that everyone feels when faced with a paradigm shift and the unknown. Thanks to the amazement, one remains receptive to new ideas, bringing with it the best drive towards knowledge and wisdom.

Edutainment at its best

How can you talk about innovation and sustainability in a highly formative, detailed but at the same time very entertaining way? Find out on our EIIS Tv, our new-born project. See you on Twitch!

Our latest projects are in collaboration with:

EIIS current projects

Eiis operates in various fields, from Education to Business Training, from Applied Research to Consulting Courses for Companies.

Let yourself to get inspired

We understand that in order to create a great team the most important thing is to have great players. 

Our Campus

EIIS is born in the center of Rome, in the suggestive location of
Palazzo Taverna-Aldobrandini, a fifteenth-century aristocratic building a few steps away from Piazza Navona and Castel Sant’Angelo.

Be part of the history

Eiis is the perfect environment for learning in an active, immersive and engaging way, a place where you will challenge yourself and will get inspired. Eiis is where innovation and sustainability become a whole and walk along the same path.

Next Generation Institute Srl
Palazzo Taverna
Via di Monte Giordano 36
00186 – Roma – Italy


Who we are
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Art Disruption
Space Economy
Carbon Neutrality

Opening hours

00186 Roma RM, Italy
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