Program overview

The certificate program Space Entrepreneurship is designed for highly motivated willing people who want to deepen all the facets of space sector. In this course there will be lectures from MIT professors and interventions by researchers from CERN. The market of the New Space Economy has been in constant growth, exceeding $400 billion for the first time in 2018, and it is continuously growing.



We offer scholarships for students with remarkable knowledge, exceptional track records into the field, and passion for the world of contemporary art.

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Teaching Hours

With lectures, interview
with artists, collectors and directors
of galleries and museums and laboratories.

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What will you learn

The course will explore

Business opportunities

Participants will get in-depth knowledge of the New Space Economy and a full understanding of the trends in the space sector. Upon a successful graduation participants will have all it takes to start a business or provide consultancy for other startups. They will be able to manage a business, communicate their project and foster their network and career. Students will be challenged to adhoperate the things learned during the lectures and solve actual problems.

Course Partners

During the course we will have the pleasure to collaborate with the best space agencies in the world, we want to offer you the opportunity to deeply embrace the culture of the space sector. The agencies will evaluate your work in the final challenge.

The course aims at creating professional figures able to:

Certificate recorded on the blockchain

At the end of the course, you will obtain a certificate.  Our certificates, though, are not ordinary but are instead recorded in the Ethereum blockchain as immutable data. It means your certificate will be perpetually available, and it will always be possible for you to demonstrate to have taken and completed the course. 

Leading team

Meet your professors and get ready to be charmed
by their incredible passion for the topic

Hady Milani

Space Advocate and Suborbital

Scientist Astronaut Candidate. Guru Tecnopia Award 2020. Space Artist Moon Gallery – ESA.

Art Disruption
The contemporary art collector of the XXI century

Next Generation Institute Srl
Palazzo Taverna
Via di Monte Giordano 36
00186 – Roma – Italy


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Art Disruption
Space Economy
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