Discovering differently


The European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (EIIS) is an institute born with the aim of studying and deepening themes related to innovation and sustainability. In EIIS we are all moved by the same desire and we all share the same firm belief: 
it’s time to innovate the topics we study and how we study them.

EIIS brings together professors, managers, scholars and experts on a broad range of topics such as:

  • Innovation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Sustainability
  • Blockchain
  • Foresight
  • 3D printing
  • VR & AR

and many more

Why are we different

EIIS uses innovative formats and tools that promote learning through group work, workshops and practical exercises. In EIIS there are no professors and students, there are people. There are no things to memorize but things to discover.

Our mission

Becoming self-aware, knowledgeable and sustainability-conscious business practitioner is the ultimate goal every manager, student or entrepreneur should pursue nowadays.

Our mission is to prepare managers and students to drive the change rather than suffer it, to make people aware of how a new business approach toward a more sustainable future can have a huge impact on their life, their business and our planet.

Discovering Future

If imagining the future seems so difficult don’t worry, you have just to learn how to do it. You will learn how to get rid of conventional wisdom-ties and you will start thinking differently, with a new, more personal, self-conscious perspective.

Challenge Based Learning

Starting from a real existing problem we encourage participants to cooperate and to find, together, a possible solution. You will improve your team working skills, your ability of planning and of analysis.

Practical Workshop

We favor an active, hands-on approach which stimulates participants to be constantly part of discussions and of exercises. You will be a leading actor, not a spectator.


In this course we will discover one of the most important  and emerging technology. We will learn how to design and create immersive virtual reality scenarios for your exciting and captivating stories. 

September 23th 2020, we are going to host the special guest of the day: Douglas Terrier – Chief Technologist @ NASA

This workshop will provide detailed and practical insights on how your organization can take positive action and be part of the global response developing a carbon neutral business.