Discovering differently


The European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (EIIS) is an institute born with the aim of studying and deepening themes related to innovation and sustainability. In EIIS we are all moved by the same desire and we all share the same firm belief: 
it’s time to innovate the topics we study and how we study them.

EIIS brings together professors, managers, scholars and experts on a broad range of topics such as:

  • Innovation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Sustainability
  • Blockchain
  • Foresight
  • 3D printing
  • VR & AR

and many more

Why are we different

EIIS uses innovative formats and tools that promote learning through group work, workshops and practical exercises. In EIIS there are no professors and students, there are people. There are no things to memorize but things to discover.

Our mission

Becoming self-aware, knowledgeable and sustainability-conscious business practitioner is the ultimate goal every manager, student or entrepreneur should pursue nowadays.

Our mission is to prepare managers and students to drive the change rather than suffer it, to make people aware of how a new business approach toward a more sustainable future can have a huge impact on their life, their business and our planet.

Discovering Future

If imagining the future seems so difficult don’t worry, you have just to learn how to do it. You will learn how to get rid of conventional wisdom-ties and you will start thinking differently, with a new, more personal, self-conscious perspective.

Challenge Based Learning

Starting from a real existing problem we encourage participants to cooperate and to find, together, a possible solution. You will improve your team working skills, your ability of planning and of analysis.

Practical Workshop

We favor an active, hands-on approach which stimulates participants to be constantly part of discussions and of exercises. You will be a leading actor, not a spectator.


In this course we will discover one of the most important  and emerging technology. We will learn how to design and create immersive virtual reality scenarios for your exciting and captivating stories. 

September 23th 2020, we are going to host the special guest of the day: Douglas Terrier – Chief Technologist @ NASA

This workshop will provide detailed and practical insights on how your organization can take positive action and be part of the global response developing a carbon neutral business.




    Emilia Garito

    Emilia is the TEDxRoma curator and an IT engineer specialized in complex system modeling – System Dynamics – applied to Management and business modeling theories. She worked for the Finmeccanica Group (Selex Sistemi Integrati) as project manager in the field of RADAR, and Command and Control Combat Systems for the Italian Air Force. She then worked as sales manager for NATO countries.

    She is the founder and CEO of Quantum Leap, one of the first Italian Patent Brokers and leading company in the field of Technology Transfer and has sought to make Open Innovation her cultural and professional guideline. Her business supports research centers, industries, and innovative start-up companies. Her passion for Engineering and Invention, matched with the fervor for humanities such as Philosophy and Sociology, has led her to specialize in innovation and technologies supported by ethical principles to preserve the respect for human beings. She has been consistently and enthusiastically working four years to create a large integrated TEDxRome community.

    Carlo Alberto Pratesi

    Carlo Alberto is full Professor of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability at Roma Tre University, Department of Business.

    His main research areas are: marketing, corporate communication, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

    Since 1986 he has been involved in communication and marketing consultancy for leading Italian companies and institutions: currently he works for Barilla (#1 pasta producer in the world), Coop (#1 retailer in Italy) and Esselunga (n.2 retailer in Italy), Armani and Medtronic.

    Since 2016 academic advisor of Life Cycle Engeneering a consultant firm that helps private companies and business associations succeed sustainably, providing professional solutions and tools for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), eco-design, environmental communication and regulatory compliance

    He is faculty member of the PhD in Communication, Social Research, Marketing at Sapienza University of Rome.

    He co-founded SIMktg (the Italian academic marketing association) and Dock3 – Roma Tre University’s pre-acceleration programme for startups.

    He gives lectures in Italy and abroad (in the last two years: New York, Washington, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney, Canberra. Philadelphia).

    He is editorialist at Corriere della Sera (#1 newspaper in Italy)

    His recent book is Il cibo perfetto. Aziende Consumatori e Impatto Ambientale del Cibo. Perfect Food. Companies, consumers and environmental impact of food, (with M. Marino, Edizioni Ambiente 2015). The latest papers are: “Towards Zero Waste: an Exploratory Study on Restaurant managers”, (con Principato L., Secondi L.) in International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 74, August 2018 and “Working toward Healthy and Sustainable Diets: The “Double Pyramid Model” Developed by the   Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition to Raise Awareness about the Environmental and Nutritional Impact of Foods” with Ruini L.F., Ciati R., Marino M., Principato L., Vannuzzi E., in Frontiers in Nutrition 2015 May 4.

    Hady Milani

    Hady is a space engineer that took part in numerous space related projects collaborating also with German Space Agency (DLR), NASA, ESA – European Space Agency and Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. He has been selected as a suborbital scientist astronaut for a joint research program on the upper mesosphere. Hady has been honoured with several awards including being recognized as the best young researcher by the European Space Agency (ESA). Since 2015 he has been following the growth of the New Space Economy in Europe being directly involved with it. Currently he is in the Space Exploration Project group at SGAC in support of the United Nations, and Deputy Manager of the New Space Economy European ExpoForum, SpaceGen track. He works as a consultant for different companies, other than giving lectures and talks on important events and at schools.

    Stefano Davanzo

    Stefano is the CEO and co-founder of Tacoma Partners. For the past ten years, he has been working exclusively on enhancing the commercial potential of people and enterprises.

    His professional path began with an experience in MasterCard (Brussels and Rome) where he achieved the position of Technology Account Manager. Afterwards, he went on to founding and taking care of the business development of a start-up (Turin) in the biotech field. Two years later, the start-up was sold to a multinational company. From then on, he began his consultancy career, focusing exclusively on business development: tens of projects in the most different fields (from plastic surgery to toys, through insurance and food delivery) conducted using a universal approach based on the state-of-the-art studies of the main business schools (primarily HBS). Besides his passion for business development, Stefano is supported in his work by the international background he developed through his academic and professional experiences in Norway, Belgium, and Spain.

    Sonia Massari

     Sonia is the Academic Director of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Food Studies programs in Rome and Director of Gustolab International Food Systems and Sustainability (she works in partnership with 15 US Universities and she is managing Food Studies Programs in Italy, Vietnam, and Japan).
    She teaches at Scuola Politecnica di Design Milan ( Master in Food Design), at ISIA Design School Rome ( Master in Systemic Design) and ” Sustainability Design Thinking” at ROMA Tre University.
    She is currently coordinating the ADI INDEX Food Design commission. She is a senior scientific consultant for the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation.
    In 2012, she won the International “Le Tecnovisionaries” Women Innovation Award, a prize which publicly recognizes women who have demonstrated an ability to combine creativity and innovation in order to improve quality of life, in particular in the area of food and nutrition, and in 2014, she won the NAFSA TLS Knowledge Community’s Innovative Research in International Education Award.
    She is a Board member of the Association for the study of Food and Society (ASFS), she is a member of the Canadian Association Food and Society (CAFS) and the WE – Women for Empowerment network. She is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Food Design, Frontiers Journal (on Sustainability) and Elisava Temes de Disseny.
    She is a mentor for several startups organizations ( StartubbootcampFoodtech Rome, Dock3, StartupWeekRome, …) and she is continuing to work as a consultant, researcher, trainer and designer for food companies and research institutes ( JRC Science HUBS, University of Siena, SDSN, SDGAcademy, University of Macerata, …). She monthly writes on “Design” in the  GAMBEROROSSO magazine.

    Marco Tantardini

    Marco is an engineer, a scientist, and he likes to think that sometimes he is also a pioneer. Since December 2018 he works as an Expert at the Presidency of the Council of the Ministers (Goverment of Italy) in the Space and Aerospace Policy Office. He holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, and received a MSc in Space Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, studying his MSc thesis in Applied Mathematics and Astrodynamics at Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

    In 2018-2019 he attended with success online courses in cybersecurity by HarvardX, in Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy by MIT, and about Launching Breakthrough Technologies by HarvardX. Before graduating he worked as assistant to the Executive Director at The Planetary Society in Pasadena, the world’s largest and most influential public space organisation group, and he was also visiting scientist at the Mission Design Center of the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View. In 2010 Marco built the strategy and the core of the team that led to the Asteroid Retrieval Mission (ARM) study at the Keck Institute for Space Studies (KISS) at Caltech in Pasadena, and in 2011‐2012 he promoted this project to aerospace leaders and governments. In 2011-2012 he also acted as the ESA contact point for the KISS’ ARM study, reporting to the ESA HQ in Paris. In spring 2013 the White House and the NASA HQ backed ARM (renamed Asteroid Redirect Mission) as the new strategy for America’s human space exploration, recognising Marco’s key role in it. In 2015-2018 he has been an Italian Space Agency (ASI) Associate in the Unit of the Technical Advisors to the President, working as the ASI technical contact point with the NASA HQ in the NASA-ASI feasibility study about the possible Italian participation in the NASA’s ARM Program (Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission, ARRM, phase), and he also advised the ASI President on possible new initiatives. He has been a Member of the Organising committee and Chair of session “Mission and Campaign Design and Execution” of the International Academy of Astronautics’s (IAA) Planetary Defence Conference since 2015. In 2015 he chaired the working group (WG) for the Office of the Military Advisor to the Prime Minister of Italy (Presidency of the Council of Ministers) that had the task to define a roadmap toward the full automation of aerial, maritime and terrestrial transports. Marco is part of the community of the Aspen Junior Fellows Alumni at Aspen Institute Italia. He won the AlumniPolimi Award 2014 for Innovation from the alumni association of Politecnico di Milano, and was featured on the May 2014 issue of Popular Science (US edition). In 2015 he founded DronSystems, a British-American startup developing DroNav: a highly automated Air Traffic Management (ATM) system for small UAVs operating at low altitudes to enable safe automated commercial operations beyond the operator’s visual line of sight. He holds an Italian patent, international patent pending.

    Isabella Pratesi

    Isabella was born in Rome and she graduated in Natural Sciences. She joined WWF Italia in 2003. She is currently the Conservation Director and she leads strategies and international projects on species and habitats conservation.

    Isabella has always combined her passion for nature with a strong commitment to halt biodiversity loss worldwide. In doing so she devotes a huge effort in fostering environmental education and awareness. Isabella writes books and papers on nature conservation, she participates in many television and radio broadcasts, she writes blogs and more generally she uses every opportunity to denounce the degradation of our Planet and raise support for nature conservation. Her hope is to leave the future generations a planet in which humans live in harmony with nature. She is a passionate diver.

    Hashem Al-Ghaili

    My name is Hashem Al-Ghaili.

    I was born in Yemen in 1990. I obtained my master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology from Jacobs University Bremen in Germany and currently work as a full time science communicator (not for a company or anything, I just do it myself). I run my own Facebook page “Hashem Al-Ghaili” which has over 32 million followers and reaches around 400 million users per week. My videos on Facebook have garnered nearly 12 billion views. They cover a wide range of subjects: astronomy, physics, biology, medicine, nature, technology and innovation. My science communication activity extends to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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