Description of the course

The rise of automation and exponential technologies and the pandemic are reshaping the labor market and accelerating the arrival of the future of work.
The workforce of tomorrow needs to rethink how and where they will work, learning how to use technology at their advantage rather than looking at it as a threat. During the course participants will discover how working and learning will evolve in the next few years.
How to enroll Candidates should be professionals with at least 4 years of experience in firms or complex organizations. They will also have to pass a selection phase, focusing on CV and strong motivation and interest about the topic.



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Hours of online lectures

What you will learn

Over the course of the Program, you will analyze the most relevant aspects of the labor market with a specific focus on the main challenges posed by innovation and digitalization, not only to the way we work, but also to management practices, operating systems and infrastructures. Moreover, you will be able to apply the concepts you learn through case studies and examples. Case study discussions, group work and dynamic lectures will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, broaden your skill set, and interact directly with the EIIS faculty.


L’approccio Challenge Based Learning ha come obiettivo quello di stimolare le idee e i punti di forza di ognuno. Partecipando alla sfida proposta, infatti, avrai modo di mettere in pratica le competenze acquisite: l’obiettivo sarà quello di affrontare e risolvere un problema reale delle Oasi protette.

Information about the course


The Program, designed in partnership with Oracle, is structured in 6 modules of online lectures. Participants will also be given the opportunity to analyze specific cases and to listen to national and international experts. At the end of the course, a final certificate will be achieved upon successful completion of a final challenge.

Course Partners


Certificate recorded on the blockchain

At the end of the course you will attain a certificate. Our certificates, however, are far from ordinary. For each certificate a unique code is generated (hash). The latter gets recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, thus becoming immutable data. Each certificate is identified by a QR code in which we will also incorporate all the curse-related contents, your projects, and the information you would like to share with recruiters, relatives or friends.

Leading team

Meet some of the course’s experts. Get ready to be engaged by their incredible passion for the topic!

Emanuele Cacciatore

Senior Director Insight & Cloud Strategy EMEA, Oracle for Startups Program Ambassador

Andrea Carugati

Associate Dean for Digitalization, Professor of Information Management Systems at the School of Business and Social Sciences - University of Aarhus

Alice Vatta

Partner and Board member at BPI - Business Performance Institute

Andrea Martonne

Associate Professor at LIUC Business School and Director of Research & Studies at Von Rundstedt

Andrea Sestili

Executive Chairman at Vincix Group

Nicola Comelli

Content & Share Manager at PHYD


The fee includes all the materials provided during the course and participation in the Career Day, where participants will meet with our partner companies.

While all participants will receive course materials, only those attending at least the 70% of the lectures will obtain a final certificate (4/6 modules). We aim at stimulating the engagement of all participants. Each certificate is identified by a QR code and recorded on the Hyperledger blockchain. It will incorporate all the curse-related contents, projects, and information.

Non garantiamo posizioni lavorative al termine del corso, anche perchè non rientra nelle nostre competenze.

Lo scopo di EIIS è quello di creare un forte senso di community, integrando i partecipanti di questa edizione del corso, i partecipanti delle edizioni future, i docenti che vi accompagneranno durante il percorso e i gestori dell'oasi WWF.

Vogliamo creare una rete di conoscenze dove sarà possibile avere un confronto continuativo nel tempo, con un tema di base che accomuna tutti: la salvaguardia della biodiversità.

This Executive Program will equip participants with the knowledge and the tools needed to tackle future challenges and increase their employability. EIIS is aimed at creating a strong community of professionals passionate about the same topics: how to get ready for a new job market era.

The final challenge will be organized together with our partner Oracle and will consist in solving a real business problem by applying the concepts learned during the lectures. This will give participants the opportunity to put what they have studied into practice and measure themselves with a concrete case.

The course is structured in 6 dynamic, interactive and digital modules. The program director, Emanuele Cacciatore, together with the members of the Faculty will guide you through the course, when you will also have the opportunity to listen to Guest Speakers. 

The lectures will be composed by both live and recorded speeches and explanations and Q&A sessions in which participants will be able to interact with the panel and ask questions on the topics covered during the lecture. 

We remind you that participating in 4 modules is necessary to get the final certificate. 

Lectures will take place online, every Thursday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm and will be starting on April 22, 2021. 

Future of Work
Inside a new labor market era
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Next Generation Institute Srl
Palazzo Taverna
Via di Monte Giordano 36
00186 – Roma – Italy

Opening hours


Data di Inizio

Maggio 2021

Data di Fine

Aprile 2021


10 Maggio 2021

Data di Inizio Gennaio 2021

Data Fine Marzo 2021




12 Hours


2000 €



Title Achieved

Certificate Program

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