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Future Mondays format

Future Mondays is a lecture-format organized jointly by EIIS and the University of Arkansas Rome Center whose scope is to create groups of discussions about topics related to innovation, sustainability and space economy.

Every Monday an expert from a different field will introduce an argument, explaining the fundamentals and engaging participants in compelling and stimulating discussions or challenges.

The events are not meant to be the classical frontal lectures with teacher and students but they are rather thought as an occasion for stimulating participants to express their opinion, their solution and take part actively to the talk.

Future Mondays are free and open to everybody upon request. 


This monday we will talk about

Every day we hear about sustainability in the world of food, but what does it really mean? Why can’t there be sustainability without innovation and why can’t there be innovation without thinking about sustainability?

Next Monday we will start from this to tackle the topic in an interactive lesson focused on this theme together with two guests: Carlo Alberto Pratesi and Raffaele Maiorano.


10th February 2020




Interactive Lecture





Via Monte Giordano 36, Roma

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!


Carlo Alberto Pratesi

Professor of Marketing Innovation and Sustainability @Università di Roma Tre

Carlo Alberto is full Professor of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability at Roma Tre University, Department of Business.

His main research areas are: marketing, corporate communication, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

Since 1986 he has been involved in communication and marketing consultancy for leading Italian companies and institutions: currently he works for Barilla (#1 pasta producer in the world), Coop (#1 retailer in Italy) and Esselunga (n.2 retailer in Italy), Armani and Medtronic.

Since 2016 academic advisor of Life Cycle Engeneering a consultant firm that helps private companies and business associations succeed sustainably, providing professional solutions and tools for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), eco-design, environmental communication and regulatory compliance.


He is faculty member of the PhD in Communication, Social Research, Marketing at Sapienza University of Rome.

He co-founded SIMktg (the Italian academic marketing association) and Dock3 – Roma Tre University’s pre-acceleration programme for startups.

He gives lectures in Italy and abroad (in the last two years: New York, Washington, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney, Canberra. Philadelphia).

He is editorialist at Corriere della Sera (#1 newspaper in Italy).

His recent book is Il cibo perfetto. Aziende Consumatori e Impatto Ambientale del Cibo. Perfect Food. Companies, consumers and environmental impact of food, (with M. Marino, Edizioni Ambiente 2015). The latest papers are: “Towards Zero Waste: an Exploratory Study on Restaurant managers”, (con Principato L., Secondi L.) in International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 74, August 2018 and “Working toward Healthy and Sustainable Diets: The “Double Pyramid Model” Developed by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition to Raise Awareness about the Environmental and Nutritional Impact of Foods” with Ruini L.F., Ciati R., Marino M., Principato L., Vannuzzi E., in Frontiers in Nutrition 2015 May 4.

Raffaele Maiorano

Sdg's, agribusiness management expert and delegate for sustainability's strategies @ Confagricoltura

Raffaele is an agricultural entrepreneur in Calabria and Marche where he produces Pecorino Crotonese DOP, organic extra virgin olive oil, cereals, vegetables and citrus fruits. He is Italian delegate for Sdg’s and sustainable development in Confagricoltura and chairman of Gfar, Global forum on agricultural research and innovation at FAO. 

Raffaele is Professor of agri-food management at the University of Camerino, he coordinates the master in Agribusiness Management at the Rome Business School, collaborates with Il Gambero; he counsels many innovative startups in the agri-food chain as mentor of Startupbootcamp, the accelerator of foodtech companies. Graduated in economics and finance, he has a past as a journalist, working for national newspapers, magazines and parliamentary agencies, and was national president of the Youth of Confagricoltura  ANGA for six years as well as a member of the Carrefour Advisor Board.


Event Location


Palazzo Taverna, a fifteenth-century aristocratic building a few steps away from Piazza Navona and Castel Sant’Angelo.

Come to visit us in one of the most beautiful historical buildings of the Eternal City.



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