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Because we love Mondays

90 Seats

Interactive Talk

2 Hours


Future Mondays format

Future Mondays is a lecture-format organized jointly by EIIS and the University of Arkansas Rome Center whose scope is to create groups of discussions about topics related to innovation, sustainability and space economy.

Every Monday an expert from a different field will introduce an argument, explaining the fundamentals and engaging participants in compelling and stimulating discussions or challenges.

The events are not meant to be the classical frontal lectures with teacher and students but they are rather thought as an occasion for stimulating participants to express their opinion, their solution and take part actively to the talk.

Future Mondays are free and open to everybody upon request. 


Future Mondays#3

A Q&A session with an astronaut!

Space is nowadays an hot topic and many are the projects, developed both by governments and by private companies, which aim at exploring, studying and taking advantage of all the resources Space is able to offer. Space though is a new and therefore not fully understood topic and there are many misconceptions and fase beliefs.
But don’t worry…we can answer at all your questions.

This Monday is Q&A session with an astronaut and it’s gonna be amazing


Future Mondays#2

Everything you always wanted to know about Sustainability
(but were afraid to ask)

Every day we hear about sustainability in the world of food, but what does it really mean? Why can’t there be sustainability without innovation and why can’t there be innovation without thinking about sustainability?

Next Monday we will start from this to tackle the topic in an interactive lesson focused on this theme together with two guests: Carlo Alberto Pratesi and Raffaele Maiorano.


Future Mondays#1

Why Can't we be Friends?

The rapid and recent exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence and its subsequent consecration as an instrument that will change the world is now understandable and evident.

We use artificial intelligence every day, sometimes without really realizing it, but what are the ethical, social and economic impacts of this technology?

What are the differences with human intelligence and why is this technology seen as a tool that will steal our work?

How are big companies using this technology and what are the future prospects?


Event Location


Palazzo Taverna, a fifteenth-century aristocratic building a few steps away from Piazza Navona and Castel Sant’Angelo.

Come to visit us in one of the most beautiful historical buildings of the Eternal City.



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