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The job market is changing rapidly.
Attending our certificate programs allows you to acquire in-depth knowledge about the most trending topics and get the right tools for successfully entering the future job market.

Over the last years, climate change and resource consumption have been at the center of the media and political scene. Governments, parties, NGOs, businesses, and citizens have started to pay increasing attention to the environmental impact of their choices and decisions. Achieving a climate-neutral circular economy is now one of the primary goals of all national and international policies. This course will provide detailed and practical insights on how to facilitate this ecological transition. 

Profession: Manager of Biodiversity.

The objective of this course is to train professionals who are able to understand, from a managerial point of view, the inestimable value of the nature that surrounds us. Recognizing the economic potential of the natural heritage  and understand how to solve the problems that affect it, will be fundamental skills to steer development towards sustainability.


The global space sector is thriving. Over 65 countries have operated at least one satellite. Political and economic capital being invested in the space environment by governments and commercial entities is at record levels. The aim of this course is to provide the best know-how needed to cover all aspects of Space and Business, topics from Space Law and Policy, to Lunar Exploration, and from Entrepreneurial Management to Sustainable innovation, Ethics..., and much more. 

Food sustainability is one of the most critical challenges of our time. Fixing the broken food system is not just the right thing to do. It is what people – consumers – increasingly want. This 3-months, solutions-oriented course gives you the opportunity to learn by having fun, actively helping countries improve the sustainability of their food systems. Understand how to tackle this challenge from the best in the field. And take the opportunity to contribute to the 2021 Food System Summit!

The monetary revolution that has started with Bitcoin is now involving several sectors as Healthcare, Finance, Supply Chain, Insurance, Property Rights, and almost every business that  has relied so far on intermediaries as the only possible solution for doing business. It's time to understand how this incredible technology works and why it will disrupt every sector in the coming years.

Video Content Creation, a new way to communicate online with your community. The Certificate Program covers all the steps from the design of a digital content to its realization, and the development of collaborations with companies. The lectures with the great experts of the market allow participants to acquire the necessary knowledge to navigate in this new and exciting ecosystem.

Disruptive technologies,
new laws and the rising of emerging markets are
changing profoundly the way contemporary art is now created, experienced, and traded.
This certificate program explores the dynamics of the contemporary art system to understand how to ride the main emerging art trends toward great opportunities of this very exciting, never-stopping $50 billion market.

In recent years, the art curator has assumed a key role in the contemporary art system, in museums, major international exhibitions, fairs, galleries and private collections.

Today the curator is a versatile figure, who can work independently or in a structured way. He need to know the latest trends in the global art market and the frontiers of new technologies.

Executive Programs

Get cutting edge knowledge and invaluable insights from the leading experts of the innovation and sustainability ecosystem.
Immerse yourself in our engaging and hands-on executive courses. 

We have entered a new era in innovation. Alberto Savoia, Google’s Innovator Agitator Emeritus, calls it The Era of the Apex Innovators. Just as apex predators rule at the top of their ecosystem's food chain, Apex Innovators are large and successful companies that have climbed to the very top of their markets. In this exclusive EIIS live online event, Alberto Savoia, will share powerful and immediately actionable innovation analysis, insight, and tools.

The rise of automation and exponential technologies and the pandemic are reshaping the labor market and accelerating the arrival of the future of work. The workforce of tomorrow needs to rethink how and where they will work, learning how to use technology at their advantage rather than looking at it as a threat. During the course participants will discover how working and learning will evolve in the next few years.

Eliminating the carbon footprint is the essential condition for companies that want to stand out today by focusing on innovation and sustainability. Becoming carbon neutral represents a huge competitive advantage. During the course the necessary steps will be presented for a low-carbon transition, the best practices of the companies that have started this path and the strategies to implement them correctly within their own company.

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